Z3 Test Blog
Andrew Rondeau

Z3 Blog Engine

The Z3 Blog Engine is a learning project. The goals are:

  • Learn modern web hosting via Heroku
  • Learn development with server-side Javascript, NodeJS, and Postgres
  • Professional-grade code with tests

You can see Z3's source code at https://github.com/GWBasic/z3


Z3 is intended for hosting a personal blog and also operates as a light CMS:

  • Blog posts with a rich text editor
  • Upload images into a blog post via drag and drop
  • Images are scaled to fit the page
  • Automatic saving and versioning of blog posts
  • Upload a profile picture
  • Place pages in the header and footer of the page
  • Pre-defined appearance templates
  • (Mostly) rendered on the server for fast performance, search engine indexing, and reliable delivery
  • Automatic schema management

Z3 is a single-user blog. There is a single password for creating and managing content, and no user management. This is ideal for personal blogs and personal web pages.

A user with some technical know-how can create custom templates that change the background image, colors, and fonts. More advanced users can redo the HTML for a more custom look and feel, without needing to alter the source code.


Language: Javascript, html, css. (Javascript is both client-side and server-side)

Runtime: NodeJS

Database: Postgres

Hosting: Z3 is tested with Heroku.


Created: Wed Jun 03 2020 18:36:05 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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